8 cross-country ski courses will be presented for the 40th anniversary of the Gatineau Loppet on Saturday February 17th and Sunday February 18th. Courses from 2km to 51km in classic and free technique will satisfy all types of skiers. Note that 2 linear races of 51km will be the main features at P17 in the La Pêche Municipality. The two courses will cut through Gatineau Park north to south amidst enchanting landscapes!  


This year, the Gatineau Loppet will feature 3 snowshoe races for the 40th anniversary of the event. 2km, 5km and 10 km will be presented on Sunday February 18th and the Gatineau Loppet will also host the Canadian 10 km snowshoe championship.


Fat bike races will be featured in collaboration with OMBA (Ottawa Mountain Bike Association), on Saturday February 17th at the club de golf Hautes-Plaines in Gatineau. 10km, 20km and 40km races will be part of the 2018 program.


The City of Gatineau

As the Gatineau Loppet’s biggest partner, the City of Gatineau is a paradise for skiers and sports fans. Offering high quality facilities for amateur and professional athletes, Gatineau regularly hosts large-scale sporting events.